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Welcome to Roses Direct


  • Our promise?  To supply only excellence in roses - without compromise.
  • How?  We grow our roses in Brisbane, at Burbank,
  • We do not use imported roses or roses from southern states.
  • Then, using experience and knowledge we produce superior, customer-ready items for sale.
  • You can be sure you will receive the best quality roses at the most competitive price.
  • Finally, you can talk with the grower at any (reasonable) time.
  • .


  • We are open seven days. Monday to Saturday, 8:00am until 6:00pm.
  • Sundays and most public holidays, 9:00am until 3:00pm.
  • Phone 07 3849 8743 to check public holiday opening times.


                             Delivery is available on items over $50.00.



We are open each Sunday from 9:00am to 3:00pm.
  • Call us on 07 3849 8743.  
  • Visit us at 40 Oakridge Street BURBANK (Near Capalaba)
  • Most roses sold in Brisbane are imported from Columbia, Kenya, India and SE Asia.  
  • We grow the roses we sell and are Brisbane's sole remaining specialist rose farm.
  • Our roses are available from our farm gate with wholesale pricing to all customers. 
  • We have classy ready-to-go vases and bouquet arrangements from around $65,
  • Rolls of roses from $22.00 per dozen, depending on stem length.  
  • Refrigerates farm delivery vans operate out to any reasonable distance within the Brisbane area.
  • Our florists can produce your made-to-order needs between 9:00am until 4:00pm daily (except Sunday & public holidays).
  • Please feel free to comment on our Roses Direct Facebook page.



Plants cannot consume any food, eg carbohydrates, sugar etc.  Their function is to produce carbohydrates, sugar cane etc.

Fresh roses need only clean water to give great value. Keep it clean using a flower water conditioning sachet we provide.  
The sachet contains a small amount of pool chlorine and a pinch of citric acid.  
If you look after a swimming pool, you use these same chemicals for sanitation and algae control.
Once the initial water is sanitised, ensure your hands are clean before handling the stems.  
Remember, any bacteria on your hands, is transferred to the stems, then to the water.
The stems block up and the flower wilts because it cannot draw anything but visually and biologically clean water.
We have samples on display in our sales room with 3 week old display roses in vases.




Here is a recent comment posted to our Facebook page.

"We were driving past about a month ago, I dropped in to have a look and the lovely gentleman there would let me leave without taking a couple of roses!!

They are the most beautiful roses I have seen! This is after 2 weeks and I didn't change the water!! I have only just thrown them out after over a month and the stem still had not dropped!!

I was amazed! Thank you for your generosity once again, you made this girls day! truely just stunning flowers, check it out!!"

SPECIALS - best value quality roses on the market.  Delivery available.

Give us a call to ensure availability, We make these on demand... call us and we will put what you need aside so you can select and go.  

Check the website link for other colours.   Delivery is available on items over $50.00.


Let us know how we served you.  If you like what we do, please like us on  Facebook.  We happily accept any comment and encourage you to put it on our Timeline on our Facebook page.  

We grow our roses with local staff on our Brisbane farm and we guarantee the vase life of our roses. 

On the left hand side of our website, you will see links to graphics of the roses we grow and the arrangements our florists produce.  

Should you desire something different, call us and one of our florists will produce the arrangement you need... send us a picture.



You can find ordering options here





  • We are Brisbane's only remaining rose farm.
  • We are located in Burbank and employ 10 local staff. 
  • We sell local roses we grow in Brisbane. 
  • We grow around 50 varieties of roses specifically for weddings.

Most roses sold in Brisbane are imported from India, Columbia, Kenya or Zimbabwe. Read a Choice magazine article here.)



  • Greenhouse staff occasionally answer the phone, but cannot take phone orders. 
  • Professional florists are available between 8:30am and 3:30pm, 6 days Monday to Saturday to take your order for pickup or delivery. 
  • Our website ordering system is available 24/7 for pickup or delivery orders.

       Check out rose varieties in our Facebook site here



  • We grow over 75 varieties of the most popular roses suitable for our climate. 
  • There is no greater range of wedding roses in Brisbane and grown in Brisbane.
  • Talk with a professional florist 6 days between 9:00am and 3:00pm ... there are no fresher roses than ours. 
  • Exceptional vase life because we grow them here in Brisbane. 
  • We pick our roses, chill, then condition them for 24 hours.  They are available for sale the following day.
  • Feel free to walk through our display greenhouse.   


Design? Ours or yours:

As Brisbane's largest rose specialist business, we grow and harvest about 500,000 rose stems annually.  We continually make fresh rolled dozens, bouquets and vase arrangements and have 50 or so items ready to go in Brisbane's largest glass front cold room, 

These arrangements are from roses we harvested from our greenhouse are all available within minutes of your arrival.., you will not waste your time waiting for your order. 

Valentine's Day and Mother's day (and their lead-in days), are chaotic and pre-ordering is wise. We always run out of resources on these days and the best way to be at the head of the queue is to pre order for pickup using our website.

Alternatively, call our florists on 07 3849 8743 and give them the details for your order, plus time to make it.  Your order will be tailor made, and kept in our cold room until you call in.

To visit the rose shop to purchase or pickup

  • View our rose shop here .
  • Ordering options are here
  • Contact details, our map location and address are here.
  • Find us here or enter "Roses Direct" in Google maps Google maps. 


About The Rose Farm

Roses Direct is a cut flower rose farm that specialises in growing and selling high quality roses for the Brisbane area market. We are located at BURBANK, (near Capalaba), 15 kilometers from the Brisbane CBD.

  • Payment options are here
  • Delivery details here.
  • Read some testimonials here.
  • Tour the farm and studio here
  • Our delivery policy is here.


For roses for you in any colour and style you like at very sensible prices,  visit the ROSE FARM, BURBANK

Order by phone or by our secure on-line system. 

We encourage you to give us a call on 07 3849 8743 to confirm your order, particularly if you require a delivery before 11:00 AM or after 4:00 PM

Check out our roses and prices on our website, or call into the farm and view Brisbane's largest florist display cold room and florist facility.

When you want real value, we are the only rose business where you can see the roses we sell, on the bush.

 The farm at Dawn

The rose farm at dawn.


  • Friday - standard delivery conditions.
  • Saturday - suburbs local to Burbank only
  • Sunday - we cannot deliver on Sunday 

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